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Great interactive lessons from e-learning....

Teachers Love SMART Boards Blog:
Jim Hollis runs this site with lots of tips and tricks with video how-to's. There are tons of downloadable lessons and online training sessons for Notebook 10, too. He also has a weekly contest for teachers to submit lessons using different elements of Notebook.

This website is absolutely awesome! It contains links to game templates, sounds clips etc....'s/March%20Mini%20T-Games/Games.htm

Wichita Public Schools created about 200 SMART Notebook lessons that include Senteo quizzes. Check out their updated website at

Websites with Links to Interactive Activities and Lessons:

Cambridge & Isanti Primary Schools' internet resources are listed at The best links are under the links on the left. Math has been our focus this year - check out the first and second grade Interactive Focus of Learning links -- we have identified internet resources for specific math skills for each grade for each quarter.
As with all websites I'm responsible for maintaining, this one never feels complete... constantly finding new resources and ideas. Thanks for understanding! -Tanya S. Siedlecki, Cambridge & Isanti Primary Schools

The Tequipment's Educator Resource Center is a well-organized site full of ready-made lessons, activities, templates, and graphic organizers for SMART Notebook and Senteo. Create a username and password for free to use these resources.
-Diane Giorgi

Mahtomedi has compiled a list of Internet Resources that are stored in an Excel file on our network. We've uploaded a copy of the file here and will update it as we update our in-district copy.
Internet Resources Database

Google Earth Introduction - Chris Walsh from the Infinite Thinking Machine

Google Earth Download - Free

Google Earth in the classroom: A description and links of using GE.

Google Earth and Discovery Education Streaming instruction overview.

Google Earth Starter Lessons. These are from Discovery Education and can be used by staff or to teach students. Their description is as follows:
This is a document that contains a series of lessons designed to familiarize students with Google Earth. The lessons are approximately 20-30 minutes in length. After students have completed all of the lessons, they have enough knowledge to be able to create their own Google Earth trips. No more boring PowerPoints for you to grade -- have them submit their research in a Google Earth trip! The lessons have been developed so that they will work for any content area.

Google Lit Trips - A list of Google Earth files associated with K-12 literature.

Google Custom Search - This web search searches the whole Internet using Google. Can modify search results for just SMART Board.

Common Craft Show - a set of videos of how to use web 2.0 in a simple and creative web. Videos online include: Twitter, online videos, blogs, social bookmarking.

Voicethread - Education version - This is a web 2.0 tool that can make a single slide or a slideshow using images, audio, video, text, or draw tools. There is a social component because students can comment on one another's work. There is a free version that is open to the public or the educational version for a K-12 network is a one-time fee of $10.

Glogster - This web 2.0 site essentially let's one make an online poster, which can include still images, sound, video clips, text, and hyperlinks. It is nice in the fact that the teacher or student can design a fun-looking page without having to know any HTML code. Like Voicethread, the project can be embedded into one's website, wiki, or blog so students would not potentially be led to inappropriate sites.

Soungle - Royalty free sound effects

Sound Jay - More sound effects

Creative Commons - free graphics - early literacy and calendars

Education Place - Graphic Organizers - take Youtube videos save them as .flv to directly insert into Smart Notebook. This is great when your district doesn't allow access to youtube or if you aren't sure if you will have internet connection.
  1. Locate video on youtube
  2. In the url add kick before youtube. For example is now
  3. The kick toolbar will appear. Choose FLV for Flash Video. Then click on Go.
  4. Right click on Down. Save it in the appropriate folder
  5. Then you can insert it directly into Smart Notebook. - from presentation 50 sites in 60 minutes. Has a little bit of everything, well organized and updated.