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#7.2 Integral WS.notebook
I used this lesson to practice integral calculation. I divided the students into 3 member groups and placed the initial problem set on the SMART board. The students were instructed to calculate the various integrals and when ready, they were required, as a group, to place a solution to one of the problems on the SMART board. It was first some, first serve. The other students continued to work and check the accuracy and form of the group's math. It is a great way to promote collaboration and mathematical communication. In this way the SMART Notebook software is used as a tool for communication.

Number Sense Grade 01

1st Grade
This file was created by our first grade teachers. They use it during Number Corner every morning--it includes many number and weather activities in addition to their Calendar Math. Near the beginning of the file is their most recent calendar, but near the end they've also included past calendars for students to review for patterns, etc. -Diane Giorgi, Lino Lakes Elementary

We use Everyday Math for grades K-5. We have taken the time to put together notebook lessons for each lesson in each grade level. I am willing to share these but won't post them here (there are hundreds!). Let me know if you are interested... -Tanya S. Siedlecki, Cambridge & Isanti Primary Schools

I found out about the beta version of Math Notebook. It is supposed to have an equation editor and equation handwriting recognition and other things. Go to the following link to sign up for the beta version.