Ryan Higbea here, first grade teacher in South Washington County Schools. I've just joined the group and thought I'd start by sharing with you all a file that I use with my first graders. It is a number sense activity. Students need to guess how many cubes are behind each of the boxes. I've made files for number 4-15, but I'll just post "8" here, and then those that teach in the elementary grades can edit at will. This is a good assessment to use with kids to see how their number sense is developing, but this SB activity is a good one to introduce them to the activity.

Kids can also play this "game" with each other, using real cubes and a blockade of some sort (I have them use white boards).

I hope someone can find this useful,


PS I'm a Spanish Immersion teacher, so I intentionally left off instructions, as I figured you all didn't want any Spanish on it.