MCAII Item Samplers for Grades 3-6: Senteo Question Sets
I've uploaded Senteo Question Sets for the 3rd-6th grade MCAII Item Samplers to the url below. Note that the majority of the Senteo question numbers do not match the number on the MCAII packets. One reason is that Senteo starts over at #1 at the beginning of each new segment rather than continuing the numbering as the MCAII's do. The other reason is that Senteo has to skip the short answer/essay questions. Your teachers might want to either renumber their item sampler masters before running copies (check the Senteo files for the new numbering) or just have the students renumber their questions on their Item Sampler packet before entering them in Senteo. These question sets were created in Senteo 1 to be compatible with both Senteo 1 & 2.

The teachers at Lino have the students complete one segment of the Item Sampler packet on paper, then they pass out the Senteo clickers at the end of the period for students to go back and punch in their answers. That seems to be less confusing for the students as they work on their packets, and it allows the teachers to more easily share one set of Senteo clickers--in most cases they need them for less than 30 minutes for students to enter their responses, then they can pass them on to another classroom before going over the results together with the class.

Diane Giorgi

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MCA Review with Senteos-One of our 3rd grade teachers is in the process of taking a practice MCA test and putting it into Notebook Software so that she can have practice sessions with students in her class prior to the actual MCA Test. This makes test review more exciting and students are more engaged. Students see the practice question, answer it on the clicker and then the entire class can see how they answered on that question. The group can then have a discussion about the strategy they used to solve that particular question and the teacher uses a pull over tab to list the strategies that should have been used.