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This is the SMART Aware Toolbar InkAwareToolBar.jpg

We’ve had complaints for people who are using Microsoft Word with their SMART Board that when they are in Full Screen view the SMART Aware toolbar is not visible. This is an issue because after you return the pen to the pen tray and touch the board, the annotations (ink) disappears. Apparently this is NOT and issue and SMART has sent us a solution.

Viewing the SMART Aware toolbar in Full Screen view of Microsoft Word

(these same directions can be used with Microsoft Excel as well)
  • Open Microsoft Word
  • Under the View menu, select Toolbars and verify if there is a check mark in front of SMART Aware Toolbar
    • If there is not, click on it
  • The SMART Aware Toolbar will now remain visible in the toolbar of Microsoft Word when you open it, but disappears if you switch to Full Screen view
  • Under the View menu select Full Screen view
  • Somewhere on the page there will be a floating window that reads Full Screen with the words Close Full Screen below it – this is used to return to a standard view
  • Click the drop-down arrow next to Full Screen, select Add or Remove Buttons, and then select Customize
  • In the window that appears, under the Toolbar tab, check the box next to SMART Aware toolbar
  • Click the Close button and in the top, left-hand corner of the Microsoft Word page the SMART Aware Toolbar will now be visible

The 60 Sec Tech provides short how-to video clips on SMART Notebook and SMART-friendly technologies. The video clips are well-edited and easy to follow, even for a beginning SMART Board user. Diane Giorgi, Lino Lakes Elementary

The NotebookTM software activity guide, NAG.pdf, is intended to act as a reference of the best
practices for creating and presenting lesson activities using Notebook software.

Jeopardy template for SMART Notebook from Ben Hazzard. His podcast is at www.pdtogo.com/smart

Jeopardy Template

Here Is...Where Is... linking game

Koosh Ball

Getting to Know Students

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Student Random Name Generator

Attendance/Lunch Count/Morning Message
Here are two ideas that may work in your classroom. Use Dual Page Display to view attendance and morning message simultaneously.

Looks Like/Feels Like/Sounds Like
If you use Responsive Classroom you may spend time talking about what your classroom looks like, sounds like and feels like. This notebook file can be saved in My Content. It is easy to access when we need to talk about your classroom procedures. I find it helpful to put gallery items and notebook pages in My Content. They are quick to access when you need them during a lesson.

38 Interesting Ways (and tips) to use your Smart Board
This is a great slide show for the beginner to intermediate user. Quick simple directions and ideas. Even Expert users could probably find one idea they hadn't thought of before.

Also found out about http://smarttech.com/notebookfiles/ it is a search engine through Google to search for Smart Notebook files anywhere.