This is a great spot to post useful Special Education lessons using SMART Notebook.

I have a Smart Notebook Template that can be used at IEP meetings that covers all of the parts of the IEP.

IEP Meeting on the SMART Board
This template is specific to White Bear Lake Area Schools, but the concept can be adapted to match the procedures your district uses. It is a resource that can help special educators cover all aspects of the IEP during meetings with parents. It also increases the involvment of parents in the discussion about their child. Notes are taken, saved and printed for team members to take with them after the meeting. The IEP is filled out after the discussion and ready for the case manager to input into the IEP.

Evaluation Meeting on the SMART Board
This template can be used to coordinate information during a special education evaluation meeting and explain criteria to parents and other team members. It includes a section for taking notes, bell curve to compare test scores, and an explanation of most disability areas. The description of each disability is the same criteria information parents may read in the final evaluation report. Use and adapt this idea to meet your needs specific to the disability area you specialize in.

Here are some Social Song Notebook pages to use with students to help them learn important skills and lessons:

-Lesley Ernst (NE Metro 916)

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