Teacher Suddenly Couldn't Use SMART Board Print Capture
Solution: First we tried to re-install just the SMART Board drivers, but that didn't work. Next we uninstalled all the Notebook apps, ran the full Notebook 10 install , but that didn't work. On the SMART website there is a download just for the print driver. Click here for more info.

SMART Sponsored Technical Training
If you are responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting SMART products in your district there are finally opportunities to get you the background information necessary to efficiently and effectively

Level I Technical Training
On the SMART Tech websites Training page there is a link to Online Sessions (click here). At least once a week a free session is offered called SMART Board 600 Series: Maintenance and Troubleshooting. The sessions are "30- to 60-minute computer and telephone conferences that offer a quick, no-cost overview of the basics of working with SMART products. Each session is led by a SMART trainer who uses SMART products every day. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions." There is also a session for the 600i series.

Level II Technical Training
SMART also offers a level II training that includes the opportunity to take a test and become certified. Recently three of our staff attended one of these sessions that was sponsored by a local vendor. After browsing their website I wasn't able to locate any information about where/when other sessions may be held.

Tips from the Level II Technical Training
These are some tips that we picked up at a recent training. Our instructor was Ellan Gnanalingam, a technical trainer for SMART from Calgary.

Cleaning the sensors on the pen tray
  • Do this if you notice a lot of dust on or around the pen tray or if you notice the LCD for a certain pen receptacle is not turning off.
  • Use a cotton swab or compressed air.

Cleaning/disinfecting the SMART Board surface
  • There is a coating on the touch screen so when cleaning/disinfecting you want to make sure that you do not use a product that remove it and you do not want to scrub hard enough where you would remove it.
  • Do NOT spray anything directly on the board. Spray the cleaner on a clean, soft rag and then wipe off the board.
  • Windex and standard white board cleaner are acceptable.

Orienting the board
  • When the board leaves the factory it was oriented with either one or two points only.
  • 9 point orientation is really all you should have to use in a school setting.
  • When doing a 4 or 9 point orientation, the data is saved to the SC9 controller. The controller (SC9 controller) on the back of the bottom, right-hand corner of the SMART Board. 12 and 20 point orientation is saved to the registry on the computer. There will always be more delay when you use 12 or 20 point orientation because of this because there is an extra step in the communication.
  • Because of how the boards are designed, you will always have trouble writing close to the edge. For this reason, SMART recomends leaving a 3/8" gap between the edge of the bezel and the projected area you will work. You do not necessarily want the projected image to completely fill the entire board.

SC9 Controller
  • Job is to convert XY coordinates for the computer and manage power.
  • To reset the power, press the blue/green button on the side of the controller for a second or two.
  • To reset the controller's microprocessor to factory settings, press the controller for more than three seconds.

Ellan's preferred installation strategies (in order)
  1. Standard USB connection (not plenum rated). If the board is within 16' of the computer. Should not experience any connectivity issues.
  2. USB extenders (not plenum rated). If the computers USB port can provide enough power you can connect up to four of the USB-XT extension cables.
  3. Blue Tooth
  4. Cat5 Extenders (Cat5/6 cable is plenum rated in most cases). Higher rate of connectivity issues because signal is passing through two additional hubs. May have problems with USB ports on the front of the SMART speakers.